They intercepted the initiative at school, institute and at work. Why is it easier for girls to get an education and how it threatens their personal life? Question to experts.

Even 50 years ago, it was difficult to imagine, but today in almost all Western countries, girls study better than boys – the organization of economic cooperation and development (OECD) claims. Officials who considered girls to be low to study 40 years ago, now in despair they slip the boys of Harry Potter in the hope that they will read at least him.

This situation is observed in all layers of society, from private boarding houses with an annual training cost of several tens of thousands of dollars to public schools for low -income families. “It’s all about their age, in the restructuring of the body, in hormones,” says Anthony Seldon, director of the London Wellington College (training-25 thousand pounds a year.

“There is a collective conviction that working in lessons, showing your mind is not cool,” adds Ivan Yip, director of the school for the poor Bronx Leadership Academy (New York, USA).

Boys do less and read less

However, from the report of the OECD it is clear that the situation is not so dramatic. The advantage of girls is not manifested everywhere: in mathematics, for example, fifteen -year -old boys overtake their peers – the gap corresponds to three additional months of training. In the natural sciences, both sexes are generally equal, but in literature in all 64 countries where testing was carried out, the girls escaped forward and overtake boys for about a year of study.

Such testing results are a direct consequence of the difference in male and female attitude to education. Pupils on average spend on homework five and a half hours a week, students – an hour less. Three quarters of girls love to read, among young men there are a little more than half. The time spent on reading is reduced from year to year for both sexes, but the boys refuse books faster.

It turns out that the average boy is where the worst student than the average girl. This is how statistics say, and this is the general opinion. But there is no need to draw incorrect conclusions.

Instead of paying more attention to students in high school, to encourage their interest in learning, to motivate them to deal with, to fight with a stereotype that “study is suck”, many teachers, according to the OECD, behave differently. They tend to treat them skeptically and evaluate their work below, destroying the latest residues of motivation.

Gender advantage

It is the ability to read and understand what they read, which, at the exit from high school, the girls own much better, is the key for further education, both in high school and at the university. In many ways, because of this, the ratio of applicants to universities changed: in 1986, 54% of applicants were men, now the majority (56%) are women.

The same reading factor largely explains why young men study on average worse girls and throw more often, without finishing, higher education. This option was acceptable for a century ago, when there was a lot of well -paid male work on the labor market that did not require higher education, but those times have long been over, and what to do with the growing number of unfounded young men?

The triumph of feminism?

There is a point of view according to which women have already bypassed men not only in education, but also in politics and in the social hierarchy. But the current situation that pleases feminists now can upset the female population in the future: if in the past women most often marry men or a higher social circle, then after a while educated, well -wealthy men will stop grabbing everyone.

Women still significantly lose to men in two important parameters: they earn an average of 25% less men, and their number among the top managers does not exceed one third.

In the modern world, work is especially appreciated in exorbitant hours, accessibility by phone 24/7, the willingness to quickly change the place of work – quality, traditionally inherent in men. It will withstand this male bastion or fall, like all the previous ones, it remains only to guess.